STEVEN NOVAK: CONCEPT/SITE DESIGN/CONTRIBUTING WRITER: As a writer, illustrator, graphic designer and creator of all things useless and time consuming, Steven has spent the majority of his life bent over a desk and/or staring at a computer screen. Consequently his spine and eyes have suffered because of it. This bent and crooked shell of a man currently lives with his wife in California and is the author of the Breadcrumbs For The Nasties Series. He enjoys candlelight dinners and long walks on the beach. He is a Sagittarius. He also made up the stuff about candlelight dinners and walks on the beach.

JAMES MCSHANE: STORY ORGANIZER/CONTRIBUTING WRITER: James McShane is from Dublin, Ireland, a place where it only rains twice a year: once for five months, and again for seven months. The first chance he gets, he's emigrating. He is editing his first novel, a political thriller, is a steampunk romp through his hometown of Dublin, only set in the year 1904. It's got a clockwork aardvark in it, so it's got to be fun, right? He enjoys reading, critical debate and poking dead things with sticks.

TOMARA ARMSTRONG: CONTRIBUTING WRITER: Tomara Armstrong juggles domestic heroism, Ultimate Ninja Warrior training, and her attempts to moonlight as a mild-mannered reporter/private detective. Formally trained in Computer Science and fabricated reality, she blames brainworms for her success—or lack thereof. While family tries to keep her grounded, they’re mostly unsuccessful.

WAYNE DEPRIEST: CONTRIBUTING WRITER: A tall, mustached and rarely serious man, Wayne flies in the face of convention. After convention brushes him away, Wayne flies in the face of adversity. When he isn’t flitting around annoying time honored concepts, he writes a poem or a hundred or shoots pool or kills someone in a book, "like "Angeltown" or "Selected" or the forthcoming "The Button Man" 

NANDY EKLE: CONTRIBUTING WRITER: Nandy Ekle writes from her little corner of the couch in her West Texas home. She leads her readers through worlds of thrilling dangers, psychological disturbances, and emotional upheavals, all while cooking dinner, washing clothes and catching up on old TV shows. Some of her publications include The Old House (, My Sweet Prince ( and Maggie’s Wedding (also, even though neither site exists any longer. However, she has also published The Epic Battle and From the Stands (her latest publication) on, which received first place in the May contest. Other award-winning stories are Hide and Seek (first place OWFI short story horror 2011) and The Carvers (first honorable mention OWFI horror novel 2012). Disturbing her readers’ sleep is one of her favorite hobbies. Also check out wordsmithsix.

ANNIE EVETT: CONTRIBUTING WRITER: Annie is a prolific scribbler of characters, weaver of story lines, champion of the return of the short story and professional cat herder. She is addicted to her coffee machine, chases monkeys other people refer to as her children, attempts to ignore the voices in her head, is a contributing editor on a number of sites and publications and sleeps occasionally.

JAX HIX: CONTRIBUTING WRITER: Jax Hix prefers to remain anonymous, but if you feel you must stalk her, you can do it here:JAX AT LitUJAXHIX.COM

RYAN HUNTER: CONTRIBUTING WRITER: Ryan Hunter lives in the tar heel state but keeps his personal heels very tidy. He has been published in both House of Horror and Flashes in the Dark ezines. He prefers his corn ON the cob, but will take it any way he can get it. His work can be found in the anthologies: Best of House of Horror 2010 DEADication and the upcoming Monster's Being Funny for Money. He also recently published the novella Werehouse with Panic Press.

MANDY WARD: CONTRIBUTING WRITER: Mandy thought she was a Teacher, until Life pointed out to her that she is actually a writer. As her Cats, Kids and Partner approved, she decided to agree with Life.Currently she working under the pen name of "Kira Morgana" on a five book Novella Series, as well as a number of other projects, including a Children's Rhyming Story Series collaboration with Maria K. She also publishes some of her darker toned stories under the pen name A.E. Churchyard. As if that weren't enough, she spends a week or two a month putting together the "Welcome to Wherever" webzine and volunteers at a local Guide Troop. She does all this from a body in South Wales, Uk. WHere her mind is, she hasn't yet worked out...

SCOTT PERKINS: CONTRIBUTING WRITER: Artist, writer, humorist, blogger...I started with poetry until I had my poetic license pulled for smuggling bootleg limericks across the border from Canada. I thence escaped to the Seattle underground where I dabbled in political blogging, technical writing, and smuggling Cheese Whiz into France. The love of a good woman rescued me from a life of dubious crimes, and now I keep busy with freelance copywriting and graphic design while helping run a college writing center in Tacoma, Washington.

CHRISTINE M. BUTLER: CONTRIBUTING WRITER: Christine M. Butler was born in a military hospital in Virginia, and while she was staring into the doctor's eyes as he marveled at her exceptionally and unusually long umbilical cord, all she was thinking was, "I need to write this stuff down!" Believe what you will, but that's her story about when she knew she was a writer and she's sticking to it! Christine currently resides in South Carolina with her children, dog, cat, a thousand and one notebooks full or story ideas, and her laptop. For those of you who enjoy internet stalking as a past time-you can hunt her down here:

NATHAN NIXON: CONTRIBUTING WRITER: Nathan Nixon grew up in the small town of Elkin, North Carolina. Starting from an early age, he's always had a big imagination; as well as a fascination with story telling. Part rocker, gamer, and comic book nerd; Nathan Nixon always finds places for his mind to venture off to. His biggest passion is bringing a piece back, putting it on paper, and sharing it with the world.