Friday, September 17, 2010


The time has arrived! Season 2 is right around the corner, and we need your help in choosing our next story!

Below are 11 possibilities dreamt up by this season's crew. Read through them, pick the one you like, place your vote below, and we'll do our best to write it up.

It's so simple a monkey could do it.

A really dumb monkey.

The monkey the other monkey's always laugh at.

Not that I'm calling you a dumb monkey or, that would be rude.


A. You're separated from your coworkers during a team building exercise and you get lost in a carnival. You're stuck inside after the places closes, and things go bad in the night. Find your way out.

B. You get off a train at Grand Central Station, only it's not the New York you were expecting. Your family are not there to greet you. Instead you're faced with an army of spider-like robots, each with an Amazonian warrior woman by their side. They're looking for you. Which way do you run?

C. Beneath the slimy mud of a lonely planet on the outer rim sleeps a terrible menace. You and a group of pioneers from earth are dropped in an effort to colonize the planet and one of you wakes the creature. Can you survive long enough to be rescued?

D. You wake up in the desert without a stitch of clothing and no idea how you got there. The night before you were at a hotel convention for high tech weapons industry and came face to face with your ex. Being in a good mood and forgiving, you go to dinner with them. Now you wonder if maybe there was another purpose to that supposedly random meeting.

E. you're taking a vacation in a far off land. You get on the wrong train and witness something totally bad (ie murder kidnapping something). No one believes you and you get kicked off of the train for having no ticket... but someone knows you've seen something you shouldn't have. Now you're on the run!

F. You're an aging A-list celebrity (by tinsel-town's standards) who begins losing roles to younger celebs. You make a drastic decision to go under the knife, but are not prepared for the results.

G. You're a rookie package delivery person. You're making the last delivery of your first week on the job to a small office. There is no receptionist and you begin to search the office for someone to sign for your package (lol...I said package). You open a door (that should have been locked) and you accidentally step into the secret lair of the city's most loved super hero.

H. You become the heir of a very distant relative's fortune in the Republic of Kalmykia*. Along with it, comes the added responisbility of his genetically mutated pets, reanimated corpses, and maintenance of his secret lair. While your relative is closely tied with the World Domination Front, you have a heart of gold and love for all living things. You hope to use your newly aquired wealth to right the wrongs and injustices in the world, but in the meantime you will focus on the local corrupt and the upcoming Chess Olympiad.

I. You're on vacation and your plane gets sucked into the vortex that is the bermuda triangle. On the other side you find the lost city of Atlantis which is currently at war. How will you get out alive?

J. You disguised your time machine as your shower; it malfunctioned, and now you're naked in 18th century France

K. You are a mercenary who, upon taking a new contract, is inducted into a secret society with the aim of killing the monarch.

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