Friday, June 17, 2011


We've kept you waiting long enough.

It's time for the insanity to begin anew.

It's time for, Season 3!

As always, the choice of story is in your hands. Read through the choices below and cast your vote for what story you'd like the COD Crew to take a stab at. You pick it and we'll write it. It's as simple as that.

Be nice.

The polls close on Monday afternoon!


1. You step out of the shower and discover you've entered the 1st circle of hell. You've got to escape the 9 circles within 6 days or you'll burn in hell forever.

2. You wake up one morning to find you've grown a tail and pointy ears. Now you have to figure out why and run from the crazy scientist who wants to turn you into a lab rat.

3. You arrive for a vacation in Cancun to discover a hurricane is headed right for your resort.

4. You awake on the back of your horse trotting along the edge of a desert canyon. Within the canyon is a pirate shipwrecked, on the horizon is a town set ablaze, and you're soaking wet with salt water.

5. You are on a beach holiday and a Bottle washes up on the shore at your feet. Inside the bottle is a ring and a message; message reads "Put me on". You put the ring on...

6. You wake up laying on a gurney in the hospital morgue. You notice the medical examiner currently has his back to you, talking with the officer who shot you after you murdered the shop keeper. Do you slip off of the gurney and go for the cops gun or do you slip out the door while no one is looking.

7. You are a camerman for the hit TV show Jurassic Jaunt and there's only 2 problems: A) the scientists created monstrous versions of nature's extinct reptiles and B) most of the contestants and TV control building just got made dead by the restored creatures. The last thing you heard was a radio call from an incoming helicopter and you have 16 hours to make the harrowing journey through the dino-infested jungle and past any surviving contestants to secure your spot on rotored salvation.

8. Your shadow won"t stop farting and there's no way to get away from it.

9. You’re a genius; a very bored genius working as a janitor in top secret government compound that houses advanced weaponry. A chain of unfortunate events has you quit your job, torch the place, and take off with a shit-ton of big-boy (or girl) toys. You turn to your comic book collection to determine your fate. Shall you become a hero, or the villain?

10. Election Day and you're the shit-hot favourite to be the next president of the United States; that is, until your mother turns up and says you're not her child, you're not even an American...and you're not even from Earth. Do you keep quiet and hope this goes away or do you seek out the truth? The clock is ticking...

11. You're a hard-nosed gumshoe and you're hot on the trail of a killer known only as Dead Hooker Harry. Unfortunately you can't solve this one alone. It's too tough. You'll need the help of your old friends, The Harlem Globetrotters.

12. You're an author locked in a mansion with 13 other authors writing a Choose or Die story. Unfortunately one of the other authors wants to take all the credit for the amazingly well written story and is killing the rest of the other authors off after every chapter. Who is it and how will you survive?

13. Walking home you're struck by lightning. Instead of a good zap, you are warped into an alternate world filled with creatures of myth and folklore and everything else. The only way to get home is to successfully complete a series of tasks each with it's own risks and temptations purposely masterminded to cause you to fail. Danger lurks at every corner. Will you make it out alive?

14. You stumble out of bed, rubbing your eyes. You blink trying to make out the bleary shapes within your bedroom. A scorching spotlight is suddenly switched on and you feel your retinas burning with the intensity. A booming voice surrounds you. “For your crimes against humanity, you will be punished. Clemency has been granted however and you have the choice of three doors. The first will take you to a space in time where can alter those decisions, the second will take you to a space in time where you must live with the results of your crimes, the third will take you straight to the courtroom where you will be tried. Choose wisely.”



  1. Tons of great story ideas this season. I'm getting SUPERexcited :-)

  2. am all nervous and excited as well..